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    Darrell KlassenBackground:

    Darrell has taught thousands of students during his career and he's well known for being able to quickly help people learn the proper way to hit the golf ball!


    Darrell Klassen's - Break Below 90

    Give Darrell Klassen just ONE HOUR of your time... and you will NEVER shoot over 90 again!
    Darrell Klassen is golf's most amazing "Teacher Of Secrets". He's the guy who just enrages all the hoity-toity PGA professional teachers by insisting that "golf really IS and EASY game!" These course pros insist that you must learn the "official" PGA swing, but can't explain why this overweight golfer with bad knees can absolutely slaughter them in head-to-head money matches -- every single time!

    Darrell's about to show YOU that the keys to consistently scoring closer and closer to par are only knowing a handful of secrets. Like what exactly to do with your putter before you ever make a real putt... knowing the secret behind leaving ONE SPECIFIC CLUB out of your bag before you tee off... knowing the secret of readjusting the number of strokes you're allowed for your personal "beat the course" par on each hole... and knowing the secret of "seeing" the course in a way that will help you stay out of trouble, keep you in the fairway, and never lose and unnecessary stroke. Never.

    Darrell Klassen's - Cure Your Slice

    Darrell Klassen's - Cure Your Slice with Darrell Klassen
    How would you like to quit slicing forever, while adding 40 yards to your drives and hitting the middle of the fairway... with every tee shot from here on out! You see, over 80% of all golfers slice with their drivers and longer clubs. It’s the most common (and most frustrating) problem in golf today... and yet only a handful of teaching professionals even have a clue how to fix it! What’s more, even if you find a PGA teacher (there may ONE in your entire state) who can help you, it will cost you hundreds of dollars in lessons and take MONTHS of tinkering and range practice to perfect what you learn.

    Well, this little problem has been solved for you... and you can now master ALL the hard-to find secrets of instantly curing slices and adding distance (we’re talking overnight!)... and all for less than you’d pay to play a single round at your local municipal course! Darrell's single 2-step secret is the answer to MOST golfer’s prayers! You'll finally learn to take the full distance of your shot straight down the fairway – so instead of 150 out, 75 to the right, you’ll be smacking 225 yards dead center! Imagine your double joy of playing from the nice manicured fairway grass instead of the rought… AND having one of the best drives of your group, every time!

    Darrell Klassen's - Fairway Woods

    Here are the "inside" pro's most closely-guarded secrets to getting the ball on the green in regulation... and shooting par or better the way you've always dreamed of playing! Darrell does such a good job of taking the "mystery" and "fear" out of your fairway woods, you'll wonder why nobody ever explained it to you so simply and clearly before! You'll quickly learn the secret of getting "ball flight" from your fairway woods... the quickest way to STOP chunking or topping the ball.... the surprising KEY to getting more distance from all your fairway wood shots... how to create the magic "squirt" — the pro's trick to making the ball shoot fast and furious down the center of the fairway -- (hint: There is absolutely NO lifting motion!)... the key to getting on the green in regulation — even on the longest 5-pars! And much, much more.

    Listen: Once you watch Darrell's new video — Pro Secrets of Hitting Fairway Woods — you'll truly discover that your fairway woods are among the EASIEST clubs to hit. When you do it right, they're designed to make your swing virtually AUTOMATIC! And yet, most handicap golfers are sabotaging their chances of success with these important clubs — and struggling every inch down the fairway (when they could so easily be flying to the green in just one or two strokes). You'll finally understand the fairway woods!

    Darrel Klassen's - 2 Simple Steps to Lower Scores

    What we have for you... are two teaching videos. One on putting. One on the short game. Both are “fast learning” lessons -- the identical lessons Darrell gives in a short afternoon when you pay him personally.

    I know I don’t have to tell you how important good putting is. But let’s face some hard facts that most golfers try to ignore...

    Now... here’s what you’re about to learn the short game – that critical area that begins about 50 yards from the pin and ends when you pull out your putter. The short game isn’t as glamorous as a 300-yard howitzer-shot drive… but (as all the successful professionals know) it’s…

    The Key To Shooting Close To Par And Looking Like A Real Golfer!

    Darrell Klassen's - Longer and Straighter
    Do you think golf is an easy game? Darrell Klassen does... and he's been proving it for most of his life, using a single 2-step secret that allowed him to zoom into the top ranks of the "underground" professional golfing world... and stay on top even as his body deteriorated into a complete mess. What's more, he's now ready to teach everthing he knows.

    Darrell Klassen's - Precision Putting
    It is tragic, but virtually all these "experts" are teaching you to fail! They're actually setting you up for failure, every time. And once you wtach Darrell Klassen's video, Pro Secrets To Precision Putting, you'll understand WHY I can make such a strong statement.

    Darrell Klassen's - Short Game

    Learn the simple secrets to shortgame success that will have you chipping inches from the hole and finally looking like a real golfer! You see, the short game -- the critical area from about 50 yards out -- isn't as glamorous as a 300-yard howitzer-shot drive. But (as all the successful professionals know) it's the key to shooting close to par and looking like a real golfer!

    Listen: The vast majority of golfers out have trouble hitting the green from 50 yards out. Worse, even if they DO hit the green they can't make their ball STICK. Well finally -- in just 29 short minutes -- you can learn ALL the tricks and secrets of the professional short game. It's really that simple. And that means you'll finally be able to... place your ball within six feet of the pin from 50 yards out every time! Stop "scooping" your chips and pitches (like 99% of all golfers do) and start nailing every short shot with impossible precision with the pro "cut motion" that forces your ball to land softly with controlled roll! Finally be the complete master of your sand wedge, pitching wedge, and 8-iron -- the three clubs the pro's rely on for a solid short game! The plain truth is, you could muff every tee shot and half your putts and STILL beat everyone else for the round... just by using these short game secrets! And... if you're driving and putting well, you'll just demolish anyone who dares to bet against you.

    Darrel Klassen's - 5 Easy Lessons
    Finally learn how to quickly and easily look like a pro-level golfer... put wicked back SPIN on your pitches and chips, simple grip adjustments for controlling your long shots, the quick way to perfect your chip shots to END skulled, thin, or fat shots, the famous "laundry basket experiment" that will instantly turn your swing into something GORGEOUS. Your buddies will be ashamed to tee off after you. And it's completely RISK FREE to you because if you're not completely thrilled with this "Five Lessons" package for ANY reason, simply return the video and you'll be rushed every penny of your purchase price, no questions asked -- but KEEP the amazing "How to Never Shoot Above 90" tape absolutely FREE. This has sold internationally for $49, but it's yours to keep no matter what! You just won't find a more generous deal in all of golf.

    Darrel Klassen's - Power Point Golf

    On this tape, Darrell concentrates ONLY on the two most critical aspects of the golf swing _ the two "secrets" that nobody seems to get right... nobody ever teaches... and nobody but the greatest ball strikers in history have ever figured out on their own.

    Tiger knows these two secrets. Ernie knows them. Annika knows them. In fact, almost every pro golfer on the PGA tour knows these two simple secrets about the golf swing _ but not one in a thousand could TEACH them to you. But Darrell can. And that's why he's the most despised man among golf instructors. He's broken the code, revealing the two secrets that make golf almost... TOO EASY!!!

    You'll NEVER hear these two secrets from your local teaching pro. Never. He wants to continue craming you with the "keep-your head-down... left-arm-straight... turn-like-this" swing that's waaay too complicated and designed to keep you coming back.

    On the other hand, Darrell's two secrets are SIMPLE and actually ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW if you want to hit the ball long and straight _ and with very little effort.


    One Simple
    "Magic Move"

    Doesn't matter if you're totally out-of-shape, or can barely bend over to pick up your ball without creaking anymore! You simply use these easy secrets to instantly unlock the scary turbo-charged potential in your swing.
    Add 50-to-70 yards to your very next tee shot, no matter how bad you've been playing lately… GUARANTEED!


    Pro Secrets to Powerful and Accurate Golf" is a fully-illustrated 14-page report written by Bobby Schaeffer revealing professional golf secrets.


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