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Hot Touch Too

Hot Touch Too , Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: TO   $69.00
Inside this Jam-packed DVD package with Bobby Schaeffer. You'll have access to the 14 lessons that represent almost the entire secret "Bag of tricks" only known by the pros, revealed to you.

2 DVD - 2 hr. 42 min.

Ultimate Distance Secrets

Ultimate Distance Secrets, Sean FisterInstructor: Sean Fister
Code: US   $69.00
Install these long-ball skills into your body almost overnight by just watching this astonishing DVD and drive straight down the pipe easily 30-to-50 yards than your best drive to date.

1 DVD 1 Audio Disc - 1 hr. 25 min.

Power Walk Through

Power Walk Through, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: WT   $69.00
We've uncovered the easy and simple solution to improving your swing and eliminating back pain we've all been praying for..and it has PGA pro teacher hopping mad. The best part is no practice is required, no annoying stretching drills, nothing.

2 DVD - 1 hr. 27 min.

Extreme Distance Golf

Extreme Distance Golf, Mike GortonInstructor: Mike Gorton
Code: XD   $49.00
This golf DVD package will show you how to add 80-yards to your drives overnight by using the simple(but highly-advanced)secret techniques of long drive champion Mike Gorton. This quick lesson will have you hitting long drives off every tee.

2 DVD - 1 hr. 29 min.

Hands Free Power

Hands Free Power, Jake HarderInstructor: Jake Harder
Code: JH   $69.00
You're about to learn the ability to suddenly and without effort or practice or even changing your current swing much start hitting drives the length of three football fields, with "eyes for the fairway"...Can't you feel how good that experience will be? It can all be yours, and it can happen so quickly you can put your new awesome power to work on your very next round.

1 DVD 1 Audio CD - 1 hr. 21 min.

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