Distance & Power

On-Target Power

On-Target Power, Mike CortsonInstructor: Mike Cortson
Code: MC   $49.00
Mike Cortson shares his astonishing "Magic Wrinkles" secret to amazingly consistent 100% repeatable, super-accurate power shots. It's your ONE secret to stunning power...pinpoint accuracy and HUGE drives no matter if you've got the strength and swing speed of a snail!

1 DVD 1 Audio Disc - 2 hr. 8 min.

Effortless Power

Effortless Power, Marc MinierInstructor: Marc Minier
Code: EF   $69.00
How does this 'Golf Wizard' quickly force-feed silky-smooth effortless power into rookie students with almost zero golf skills? Well the answer is a stunningly simple 5-step beauty swing" that's actually easy to do (once you see how it's done) and can be learned quickly.

2 DVD - 2 hr. 23 min.

Chuey's 3 Minute Magic Swing

ChueyInstructor: Jesus Lopez
Code: CMS   $69.00
You're about to uncover the amazing easy-to-master "secret weapon" trick to never slicing or hooking again -- with NO practice required!

2 DVD, 1 Audio Disc - 2 hr. 13 min.

Five Advanced Power Moves

Five Advanced Power Moves, Bill MckinneyInstructor: Bill Mckinney
Code: FV   $69.00
Within an hour of testing these 5 Hyper-Advanced Professional Secrets on the range, I will have you hitting 50 yards longer off the tee, with absolute pinpoint accuracy and more jaw-dropping power than you ever dreamed possible...guaranteed!

2 DVD - 58 min.

Hands Free Power

Hands Free Power, Jake HarderInstructor: Jake Harder
Code: JH   $69.00
You're about to learn the ability to suddenly and without effort or practice or even changing your current swing much start hitting drives the length of three football fields, with "eyes for the fairway"...Can't you feel how good that experience will be? It can all be yours, and it can happen so quickly you can put your new awesome power to work on your very next round.

1 DVD 1 Audio CD - 1 hr. 21 min.

Natural Power

Natural Power, Bill MckinneyInstructor: Bill Mckinney
Code: NP   $69.00
Natural Power DVD package is all you'll need to change your golfing life inside of 90 minutes. Doesn't matter how your game looks right now. In less time than it takes to get dressed and drive to the course, you'll have everything you need "force-fed" into your body. Take 9 minutes at the range to "cement" everything in place... and then go out and play the best round of your life.

1 DVD 1 Audio Disc - 53 min.

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