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Amazing Money Zone Stick

Amazing Money Zone Stick, EquipmentProduct Type: Equipment
Code: MZ65   $89
Make pro level short game shots with this amazing wedge. The club features a 65 degree loft, C-Grind Radius Design, 8-Degree bounce (angle on the sole), 318 gram heat-weight, ION electroplated Champaign finish, 35 1/2 steel shaft.

1 Money Zone Wedge, 1 DVD

FD-14 Fairway Driver

FD-14 Fairway Driver, EquipmentProduct Type: Equipment
Code: EZ   $199
Shaft length: 44in., Swing weight: D1, Loft 14 degrees, Shaft is Docs Custom Design, High-speed filament wound -100% high modulus graphite fiber, shaft is light weight at 62-grams, Flex is firm with a mid to low kick point.

1 FD-14 EZ-Stick, 1 Head Cover, 1 DVD 27 minutes

Rx-37 ChipStik

Rx-37 ChipStik, EquipmentProduct Type: Equipment
Code: Rx37   $89
The chipstik comes with a 35-inch steel shaft (the same length as a putter) and is designed with a flat bottom, 37-degree loft and hefty head for to avoid stubbing a shot.

1 Chip Stick, 1 Head Cover, 1 DVD, 39 minutes

Doc's Custom Remedy Club

DocProduct Type: Equipment
Code: RMDY   $119
The custom club designed to launch the ball higher, straighter and farther. The club features a 21 degree loft with a 42 inch hi-speed filament wound graphite- firm flex and mid-low kick point - 72 gram custom tour lite shaft. The club has three rails on the sole to cut through rough to produce a clean shot.

1 Remedy Club, 1 Head Cover

Doc's Sure-Roll Putter

DocProduct Type: Equipment
Code: SRL   $99
Clyindrical head, 0 loft, head is 314 grams of 431 micromilled stainless steel, 35 inch steel streamlined single bend shaft.

1 Sure-Roll Putter, 1 Head Cover, 1 DVD - 45 min

Doc's Custom RX-47 PitchStik

DocProduct Type: Equipment
Code: RX47   $89
Club specs: head is 290grams, the face is 14-4 stainless steel with 47 degree loft and 6 precisely milled u-shaped groves.

1 RX-47 PitchStik, 1 Head Cover, 1 DVD, 38minutes

Tri Line Putter

Tri Line Putter, EquipmentProduct Type: Equipment
Code: TPT   $99
Custom made putter with hefty 371-gram head with a CNC-Micro Milled aerospace aluminium insert that provides pro-level end-over-end roll for incredibly precise ball control. The 35 inch steel center-shaft design helps keep the putter face square.

1 Tri Line Putter, 2 DVD, 1 Headcover

Custom 3-Wood Stick

Custom 3-Wood Stick, EquipmentProduct Type: Equipment
Code: 3WD   $99
Custom 3-Wood with a 13deg loft, 43 1/2 inch firm filament wound shaft, D1 swing weight. The club face has a super elastic face to create a "sping effect" to the swing.

1 3-wood stick, 1 head cover, 1 Fairway Shots DVD package, 2hr. 25minutes

Doc's Special Ti BigStik Driver

DocProduct Type: Equipment
Code: BSTK   $179
Special tapered slip-stream aerodynamic design has been extensively wind-tunnel tested to ensure reduced drag and greater stability for increased club head speed and more explosive power. Titanium clubhead composed of a flexible 6-4 alloy. The 45-1/2 inch firm-flex shaft is designed to store power on your downswing. Right handed clubs only.

1 Ti Big Stik Driver, 1 Audio CD, 1 PDF E-book

Launch Pad Training Aid

Launch Pad Training Aid, Bill McKinneyInstructor: Bill McKinney
Code: lpad   $129
Training aid molded from a durable proprietary TPE -- a non-slip rubberized like material. The Launch Pad is 4-½ by 6 inches with a precise 12-degree incline. The slight concave surface comfortably fits the foot. The zig-zag pattern provides additional traction while channeling away wetness and most importantly providing you the vital feedback you'll need!

1 Launch Pad Training Aid, 2 DVDs - 131 minutes

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