Precision Putting with Darrel Klassen

Precision Putting with Darrel Klassen, Darrell KlassenInstructor: Darrell Klassen
Code: PP   $49.00
#1 mistake most handicap golfers make when putting, why it's physically impossible for you or anyone else to keep the clubhead "square" throughout the entire putting swing, how far past the hole you should be shooting.

1 DVD -39 min.

Hot Touch Putting

Hot Touch Putting, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: HT   $69.00
You'll learn how to eliminate the bad putting habits you now have, "The follow-through Secret", and the 7 most common mistakes golfers make while putting.

1 DVD - 1 hr. 21 min.

8 Minutes to Putting

8 Minutes to Putting, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: EM   $39.00
The 4 styles of putting that actually work like crazy — and which one is perfect for your own style of golf. (No matter how peculiar you are.) How to aim your putts like a pro. (Takes about 3 seconds when you know the secrets. Stop squatting and squinting and guessing like a madman before you putt. Instead: KNOW what to do. And then DO it. Simple and easy.) Confidence secrets that will remove ALL DOUBT, no matter how insane your putt is.

1 DVD - 45 min.

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