Specialty Shots

Bombin' It Long

BombinInstructor: Mike Gorton
Code: GBL   $69.00
Learn a simple "2-inch tweak" of your wrist that can add 50 accurate yards to your drives...and practically eliminate slices, hooks, and duffed tee shots for the rest of your life!

2 DVD - 1 hr. 3 min.

Balanced Power

Balanced Power , Art MaffeiInstructor: Art Maffei
Code: BPW   $69.00
Discover the astonishing shortcut, based on Rocket Science, that will allow you to slaughter your pals on the course with sizzling drives and fairway shots that resemble cannon fire while permanently shaving a cool 5 to 10 strokes off every round.

1 DVD, 1 hr. 35 min.

Impact Perfect Golf

Impact Perfect Golf, Steven WolffInstructor: Steven Wolff
Code: IPG   $69.00
I've got a former PGA player who - in one short lesson- can transform your ability to hit a golf ball with unbelievable accuracy and power. Time after time, like a machine. Minus all the "thinking" that's responsible for MOST of your humiliating mistakes.

2 DVD - 1 hr. 45 min.

Power Walk Through

Power Walk Through, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: WT   $69.00
We've uncovered the easy and simple solution to improving your swing and eliminating back pain we've all been praying for..and it has PGA pro teacher hopping mad. The best part is no practice is required, no annoying stretching drills, nothing.

2 DVD - 1 hr. 27 min.

Alpha Zone

Alpha Zone, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: LS   $49.00
There are four "dirty little secrets" among professional golfers...secrets that no amateur ever learns on their own...and the professionals like it that way. These four "dirty little secrets" are incredibly simple to master (once they are revealed to you) and yet they instantly allow you to lock into your own personal "perfect swing".

1 DVD - 35 min.

Fiver Over Three

Fiver Over Three, Paul HoltbyInstructor: Paul Holtby
Code: FO   $69.00
In a few minutes, Paul will reveal the 5 secret "laws" of golf that control EVERYTHING that happens when you hit a ball with your club. It's a fast lesson, you'll never forget it once you just see it in action...and that's it.

2 DVD - 1 hr. 10 min.

15 Minutes to Better Sand Play

15 Minutes to Better Sand Play, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: SP   $49.00
Just as Bobby says, all you need to do is watch the video, go out and practice for 15 minutes - two sessions of 15 minute if you're really dense - and that's it!

1 DVD - 37 min.

5 Steps To Mastering Long Drives, "Secrets to Big Drives"

5 Steps To Mastering Long Drives, "Secrets to Big Drives", Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: BD   $49.00
5 "accu-power" secrets to hitting long, pinpoint drives, longer drives, how to hit beautiful "fades" and "draws" and more...

1 DVD - 49 min.

Instant Low Scores

Instant Low Scores, Darrell KlassenInstructor: Darrell Klassen
Code: LL   $49.00
You get to watch first hand Darrell giving 3 private lessons. Golfers pay $250 an hour to get this private teaching from Darrell on what to do after you launch a gorgeous drive. Result: Immediate mastery of fairway woods and mid and short irons, jaw-dropping control of pitches and chips, and the “finishing” secrets of getting up and down in fewer strokes on every hole.

1 DVD - 1 hr. 5 min.

On-Target Power

On-Target Power, Mike CortsonInstructor: Mike Cortson
Code: MC   $49.00
Mike Cortson shares his astonishing "Magic Wrinkles" secret to amazingly consistent 100% repeatable, super-accurate power shots. It's your ONE secret to stunning power...pinpoint accuracy and HUGE drives no matter if you've got the strength and swing speed of a snail!

1 DVD 1 Audio Disc - 2 hr. 8 min.

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