Golf Instructional DVD's

Five Secrets to Lower Scores

Five Secrets to Lower Scores, John GrundInstructor: John Grund
Code: GV   $69.00
Forget the agony and frustration of trying to learn difficult new tactics...and finally discover the stunningly simple secret behind why the top pros consistently score low on tough courses, under grueling pressure. It does not involve a single minute of boring, repetitive practice!

1 DVD 1 Audio Disc - 1 hr. 42 min.

Amazing "Magic" Loop

Amazing "Magic" Loop, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: ML   $49.00
In this DVD you will learn simple and easy to follow drills that will permanently implant the "Magic Loop" into your swing and how to repeat your newfound skills over and over. 33 Mins.

1 DVD 1 Audio Disc - 1 hr. 7 min.

Five Easy Lessons

Five Easy Lessons, Darrell KlassenInstructor: Darrell Klassen
Code: FE   $69.00
Golf really is an easy game! When you have the right secrets, that is. Darrell has been teaching top golfers (on the sly) a special 5-point afternoon lesson insiders are calling "The Frankenstein Lesson". Frankenstein, as in transforming you — with a single shuddering lesson that changes your mind, your body and your entire attitude about golf — into a Golfing Monster.

1 DVD - 1 hr. 4 min.

All Out Power

All Out Power, Mark FowlerInstructor: Mark Fowler
Code: AO   $69.00
This DVD package covers golf pro Mark Fowler's simple "3-step" method to 300+ yard drives. You'll be amazed how easy they are to learn, so effective you'll be able to use on your very next round of golf!

2 DVD - 1 hr. 10 min.

John Darling's Package

John DarlingInstructor: John Darling
Code: JK   $69.00
No matter how bad you are right matter how difficult the game mater how rare it is for you to shoot a low just ONE HOUR I can give you the secrets to bring your total game up to the level of a professional. Package includes: Inside the Power Path, Swing Speed Accelerator and Chip it Close.

3 DVD - 1 hr. 44 min.

Distance & Maximum Power

Distance & Maximum Power, Greg McHattonInstructor: Greg McHatton
Code: MH   $49.00
Golf Wizard Greeg McHatton shares his on how to shuck off what is ruining your swing and allow the natural mechanics of the best swing you're humanly capable of to just take over!

1 DVD - 46 min.

Ultimate Power Golf Swing

Ultimate Power Golf Swing, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: D   $69.00
Bobby revealing all the secrets of how you can quickly start hitting howitzer shots yourself-straight and true for the length of several football fields and further.

1 DVD 1 Audio Disc - 1 hr. 52 min.

4 Keys To Maximize Your Power For Perfect Results

4 Keys To Maximize Your Power For Perfect Results, Greg McHattonInstructor: Greg McHatton
Code: PR   $69.00
This is everything you've ever dreamed of for your golf game. I can show you how to get the distance, accuracy and consistency of a pro golfer's "perfect" swing...without changing your current swing hardly at all!

2 DVD - 1 hr. 28 min.

Precision Putting with Darrel Klassen

Precision Putting with Darrel Klassen, Darrell KlassenInstructor: Darrell Klassen
Code: PP   $49.00
#1 mistake most handicap golfers make when putting, why it's physically impossible for you or anyone else to keep the clubhead "square" throughout the entire putting swing, how far past the hole you should be shooting.

1 DVD -39 min.

Explosive Power

Explosive Power, Bobby SchaefferInstructor: Bobby Schaeffer
Code: EP   $49.00
You will be able to get 5 TIMES the power you've got now. Start hitting humongous drives at least 60 yards further, put professional-level "controlled power" into every swing, and slash a dozen strokes off your score.

1 DVD, 1 e- book - 1 hr. 6 min.

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